We started out in 1985 as a small family owned bakery. Today, we are still all of that, and happily serving our loyal customers.

"Tony Romagnuolo and family offer some of the best Italian hot foods in the city!"

Good looking Italian Baker.
Nonna does a lot of traditioanl Italian cooking.
Tony Romagnuolo has owned the Scarborough bakery since 1985.

Rocky, The Manager



If you don't find him in the bakery, he is gone fishing. No, seriously - he is fishing.

If you've had lasagna here, then you've had Dora's lasagna. She doesn't share the recipe - even with Tony.

Our founder and leader - he is still the guy with the biggest smile - but that's because Rocky pays the bills now.

Agincourt Bakery - 1985.


Tony Romagnuolo started this family bakery alongside his daughter Enza, who generally worked the front counters in those early years, even though she w just a teenager at the time. Since Tony did most of the baked goods in the back, Enza excelled with customer service and steadily over the next 10 years or so, the bakery turned into a family business. Tony's wife, Dora Romagnuolo was working a full time as a lead hand in a factory and after her shift she would come to the bakery and help with daily duties as well.  Their son, Rocky was just a little kid of 8 years old, when he started going to the bakery after school (St. Cyprian - now called Epiphany of our Lord) to help the family out. "There was never a dull moment. I liked wearing an apron so I could look like my father".


Initially we only made cakes, pastries, bread and deli items, but it was Enza who came up with the idea to add a hot table at Agincourt Bakery. So we expanded with hot items such as veal sandwiches, chicken and eggplant sandwiches - stacked to the sky - the only way Enza would ever have a sandwich.


The hot table was the turning point of the business, and so additional items were added over time like pastas, lasagna, roast chicken, potatoes, vegetables and many other Italian specialties.


Today we serve a growing base of customers from a variety of businesses, schools and homes in the surrounding area. From bakery and deli products, to our hot table and catering services we do our best to offer high quality "home made" style foods, served in a friendly, family oriented environment - just like it was, way back then.


Enza Romagnuolo-Messina

Enza was the ambitious one who was the heart of the bakery. She was the one who always envisioned that we could always make our products bigger and better. Enza welcomed customers differently.


"The bakery is our home and our customers are our guests. Let's treat them like they were in our home."


She knew many of our regular customers by their first names. Her goal was to excite every person that walked into the store and to always give them something more - and not just food - but also her infectious smile and positive attitude. She lived by that every day here.


Known for her generous portions and huge sandwiches, Enza was obviously doing something right, as we soon created a loyal following, including our local fire stations, 911 and other city service workers that became regulars to our little Scarborough bakery.


In 2005 Enza passed away after a 3 month battle with cancer.  We are all extensions of her legacy in our small bakery business here, because of her generous and friendly spirit that made this family business the success it is today. Our goal is to continue to find ways to serve our customers with quality products and exceptional service - just like Enza did.


3059 Pharmacy Ave

Scarborough, ON

M1W 2H1

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Good looking Italian Baker.
Nonna does a lot of traditioanl Italian cooking.
Tony Romagnuolo has owned the Scarborough bakery since 1985.
Good looking Italian Baker.
Nonna does a lot of traditioanl Italian cooking.