Tiramisu Birthday Cake

Our Tiramisu cake will bring smiles to your whole family! It’s something different from regular layer cake because it’s so light tasting and has unique textures. The subtle espresso flavour mixes so perfectly with the whipped mascarpone cheese that even coffee haters will be licking their lips on this one.

We have several options for ordering a Tiramisu birthday cake. You can get it in a rectangular bar which is really easy to slice. A 4 portion square cake for smaller groups, or our lovely large round cake which can serve 10 to 12 people. Any way you choose, the Tiramisu is true to it’s meaning in that it is a true “pick-me-up” of subtle flavours that won’t leave you feeling bloated like you know, a supermarket cake would.

tiramisu cake bar
This Tiramisu Bar Cake makes cutting the birthday cake really easy.

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