Italian Cookies
A tradition of fresh. A taste of Europe.
Fresh Baked Pies
We've been making them for years. Old school quality still works.
Easy to slice cake bars for casual family birthday parties.
A Sicilian tradition transplanted to Scarborough.

The bakery @ Agincourt Bakery

Feature bakery items

Our danishes are made by hand and topped with various fruit fillings. These are great weekend treats, but we have some here every morning.
lemon danish
Fresh made pastry.
You don't have to go to an over-priced cupcake store to get fresh baked cake-like treats with a variety of icings and toppings. Great for birthday parties too!
Assorted Flavours
It's a traditional Sicilian Holiday pastry made from choux pastry and filled with whipped flavoured custards. Don't forget the cherry and sugar on top and you've got - ITALY!
Sicilian Tradition
Thinly rolled puff pastry around a fruit filling and sweet crumb mixture. Baked gently to a light brown then topped with sugar sprinkles.
European Pastry
These apple and caramel cakes are an Agincourt specialty as Tony has been making them for years. They're great for coffee breaks.
caramel apple ring
Apple Cake Ring
Made by Tony
Lemon meringue pie can put a smile on anyone's face, so bringing these retro favourites home are bound to bring smiles about.
Lemon Meringue
Homestyle Crust

Italian Bakery

We offer traditional and modern baked goods made fresh from our own kitchen. Okay, maybe that’s old school when compared to your grocery store “bakery”, but just come in and taste the difference for yourself. We think you’ll agree with all of our other customers who have been coming here for years – We bake. You love!

Cookies – Traditional Italian almond cookies as well as kids favourites like our giant chocolate chip or M&M cookies!

Cakes – We have a variety of cakes available in our bakery display that you can just pick up and go. We also do birthday and wedding cakes for special orders that you can request directly from our catering department.

Cupcakes – Our cupcakes are fresh, colourful, tasty and FUN! Buy individually, half dozen or full dozen. Great alternative for a birthday cake!

Pastry – Try our selection of fresh pastries that include strudels, danishes, turnovers, tarts and squares.

Specialty Treats – We take a lot of pride in our traditional and specialty desserts like our cannoli, tiramisu, apple cake, zeppole, napolean, and dough-nuts. Come by and choose from your favourite desserts for you and your family.

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