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All custom cakes need at least 48 hour need minimum 72 hour notice. You can also choose a pre-made cake from our bakery display and we will customize the decoration and lettering.
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We make our custom cakes here the old-fashioned way. That is with hand crafted products made right here, like our cake bases, frostings, fruit, drizzles and other toppings. All of these are decorated by our staff right here that makes sure you get a fresh tasting, sweet cake that will make your party or event even that much more special.

italian style birthday cake

Tiramisu Birthday Cake

The classic Italian dessert as a cake shaped in an easy to slice rectangle or traditional round. Serves 8 to 10.

Head Bakery of cakes

Sfoglia Cake

An Italian cake steeped in tradition, and an Agincourt Bakery specialty. Layers of puff pastry and Italian cream.

black forest cake

Black Forest Cake

A traditional chocolate layer cake that stays super moist with cherry pie filling layers and whip cream icing.

caramel apple ring

Caramel Apple Ring Cake

One of Tony's specialties, this authentic coffee cake is baked w/ apples, cinnamon, brown sugar and a caramel.

wedding cake or anniversary

Celebration Cakes

We make custom wedding and anniversary cakes with one, two or three tier fondant layers decorated fresh cakes bases.

Raptors Birthday Cake

Raptors Birthday Cake

Our customer birthday cakes come in any style, brand and colour combination. Try some our sports themed cakes too!


There are a lot of great bakeries in the city, so the choices can be overwhelming. We suggest you check out reviews online for local bakeries, look for a location close to your home or pick-up area, and also look for a company that has been around a while. Note: The cheapest cake is rarely your best option.

This is a rather big decision, but it is definitely one you want to get out of the way early so you or your people won’t have to worry about it last minute. That’s frustrating for everyone. Assuming your wedding is going to coincide with many other local weddings, ordering your cake 3 months ahead of time is recommended.

Sure we can, but where is the fun in that? Somebody will help you cut your cake and it will be far more fun than us doing it for you. Plus the cake looks best uncut for pictures.

Ours can vary from $200 to $1,200. The cake design you choose and the product and labour involved in creating the cake will determine a price that we will quote you ahead of time.

Tiramisu is actually more of a dessert, but can also be an Italian style cake made with layers of lady finger cookies (savoiardi in Italian), that are soaked with rum or another liqueur and espresso. They are kept in place with a filling of whipped mascarpone sweetened with sugar and vanilla. The espresso lends itself to the name Tiramiu, as it loosely translates as “pick me up”.

We can tell you how many portions each of our cakes will serve. It also makes a difference of what portion size you want and if the party will have other desserts or sweets offered.

Depending on which cake you are ordering certain fillings work best. In general, you can choose from Italian cream filling, fruit (berry) fillings, chocolate or vanilla icing,

Yes! We can actually do any sport team, or brand themed cake for that perfect gift for your family or office party.

Fondant is a type of icing used mostly in custom design cakes. Fondant has a pliable texture that allows for colouring, rolling, cutting and shaping into basically anything you can imagine. That is why it is the go-to finishing cover for custom cakes. Oftentimes, a base of spreadable buttercream icing is applied directly to the cake layers which helps the fondant stick to the cake.

Depending on the cake, its icing and fillings – this could range from 2 days to 5 days for best results and the freshest taste.

We make our cakes in small batches and they’re all fresh, not frozen. A custom cake order would never be frozen.

This is unlikely as custom cakes require fresh baked ingredients and can require hours of scheduled labour. Custom cakes should be ordered at least a week in advance, but even sooner if you want to make sure we can do it.

All prices on this website are exclusive of taxes. Toppings are extra. Prices subject to change without notice.

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