Veal Sandwich - Italian Style

Our bestseller! The veal sandwich (or veal on a bun) is a tenderized scallopini cutlet lightly breaded and then gently baked tender and topped with our famous tomato sauce.
Best seller

all toppings shown cost extra. taxes are extra on all prices on this website.

Chicken Sandwich

White breast filet meat gently baked to tender.
White Meat

Eggplant Parmigiana

Fresh sliced eggplant lightly breaded and baked.

Sausage on a Bun

Italian sausage baked and sliced with peppers.

Focaccia Sandwich

Sliced deli meat, cheese and our fresh focaccia.

Meatball Sandwich

All veal cooked in homestyle tomato sauce.
100% veal

Vegetable Sandwich

Grilled and roasted fresh vegetables lightly seasoned.

CUSTOMIZE with our selection of sandwich toppings – Mushrooms $1.25, Sweet Red and Green Peppers $1.50, Hot Peppers $1.25, Sautéed Onions $1.25 Rapini $3.00, Eggplant $3.00, Mozzarella $1.50, Provolone $1.50, Swiss Cheese $1.50


How we make our home style Italian sandwiches.

Veal Sandwich

Our fresh veal cutlets are tenderized and lightly breaded, before a quick shallow fry that locks in flavour and tenderness. We then slowly braise it in our home-made tomato sauce and nestle it in a fresh Italian bun. This is where you come in and choose from our flavourful toppings to make it your own.

Chicken Sandwich

We gently tenderize fresh chicken breasts, then shallow fry them in a light seasoned breading. Choose from a variety of toppings in a bun or as a dinner.

Meatball Sandwich

Dora’s all veal, over-sized meatballs are the star of this show as you break down on these tender, hand-made creations. Try it with cheese on our Italian bun!

Focaccia Sandwich

These fried eggplant sandwiches are not just a hit with vegetarians, but for anyone who wants to enjoy this unique vegetable that has a subtle, authentic flavour. –

Sausage on a Bun

Check out our traditional Italian sausage on a bun! It’s slow baked tender and is mixed with peppers, onions, mushrooms and our tomato sauce.

Deli Sandwiches

When you absolutely need mortadella or prosciutto or perhaps even salami – then check out our delicatessen and create your own combination –

Eggplant Parmigiana

We slice fresh eggplant and then lightly bread each slice. We then season and bake them to a light brown and a tender crisp. Dipped in tomato sauce.

Vegetable Sandwiches

We have fresh vegetable on the hot table every day, some are roasted some are grilled. You can have a mixture of these tasty vegetables as a sandwich.

toronto best veal sandwich

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